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Each client project is a specialized solution such as creating a data entry form, design a report,  or write a program to merge Word documents and Excel spreadsheet to an Access database. The end product is a collection of efforts as follows but not limited to:


  1. The data exists and must be converted from documents, spreadsheets or database
  2. The data exists in several locations and must be merged
  3. The data contains a lot of duplication and must be normalized to eliminate redundancy
  4. The project is a general description, but the must be specifically designed, presented, tested and approved.
  5. The project when finished must be easy to use or prepare.
  6. The project when finished must be pleasing to the user.
  7. The project when finished must be fast to appear
  8. The project when finished must able to hold lots of information
  9. The project when finished must  must be updateable


These processes occur in ever project and insure the end result is according to the client needs, and wants.

Specifications are never 100% known by client, and a discovery period is to be expected by the programmers' end and also the client.


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