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M+BS specializes in  MS Access database applications.  We create, modify and support applications for single or multi-site business  including non-profit organizations.   From 1987 up to the present, each client project required an innovative solution not available in off-the-shelf software.  Experience proves that clients have unique problems that are best resolved by modifiable software that is stable, cost effective and efficient. 


Initial evaluations are no-chargeWe need to know your problem before we can solve the problem with our library of solutions, tools, know-how, and  over 30 years experience in accounting-payroll operations.  Our solutions will make your system better, more reliable, secure, and user-friendly. Results will exceed your expectations.


Our clients are Manufacturers, Temporary Labor Services, Healthcare Providers, Charter Schools, Non-Profit Agencies and Wholesale Distributors. We have specific custom applications that solve "tough" accounting-payroll problems. See our list of Functional Solutions and Business Type Solutions.


Whether your project requires a "System" or "Add-On" or "Quick" solution, give us a chance to show you why we are celebrating 19 years of consulting and programming.


Send your inquiry to : Mbs @ emicrosnbs.com





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